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Consulting, speakers, expert network for the senior market
Experts for the senior-market
Senior market, generation 50plus, best-ager, silver-agers, the golden agers, young-elderlys ... A variety of terms describes an age group, that is more and more increasing in the public attention.
Apart from political groups, community leaders and charity organizations, is also the industry, retailers and service providers increasingly clear that the seniors are an imporant opportunity and a challenge for the future.
The ignorance, have been considered so far with the elderly persons and older consumers nobody can afford in the near future, if he wants to survive in our society, political or economical world.
Do not underestimate the impact of demographic change in strategy, marketing and market research, product development, sales, service and Internet!
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AgeExpert will make your company fit for the future market
AgeExpert: we are professionals in the businessmarket for "best agers"

   - experienced speakers
    - coaching
    - project management, project support
    - practice-oriented sales-consulting and sales training
    - product and service development
    - ageing simulation tools
    - market researches
    - economic access to the "senior market"and its distribution channels
    - Introduction to opinion-making structures
    - network of experts in design, product development, construction, commerce, media,
      communications, science, medicine
Do you want to expand your offers or product range to the target group 50plus?
Do you plan to place your project, your product or service development accurately in the "silver market"?
Are you looking for experienced consultants, who are working in this specific market for more than 20 years successfully?

Then you are right here!